To the most of us highly probably already happened many times in our lifetime that we have had some reason to feel fear or stress. There are many reasons why we have it and in this article we are about to explain to you what does fear and stress mean for ourselves and for our organism, by what it is caused and how we can work with it.

Each person in this world is afraid of something. We are afraid of our failures, we can be scared of some animals, we feel the fear when it comes to our family member or kid. The fear can be defined as an emotion which comes when we feel or when we are in the dangerous situation. It is the kind of the alarm. The fear is something what we learn. It has not only negative sides but also positive ones because it can motivate us to improve or to reach our goals. As we already said, the fear can come from the different reason.

The first step how to deal with our fears is to accent and realize it. Try to work on your bravery and dare to fight your fear. When we realize some of our fears, maybe we find out that some of them are really unnecessary and there is no reason to be afraid. Some of the researches even prove that almost 40 percent of what we are afraid of never happen. Well and end the end, that fear only stress you for nothing.

On the other hand, the stress is the emotion which comes when we feel insecure about something. The stress can be defined as everything which disturb our comfort zone and makes us feel unhappy or nervous. If we feel little bit of stress, it does not need to be something bad every single time. Because same as the fear, also positive stress can sometimes motivate us. Due to the stress, our body releases some things to our blood which make us feel stronger but sometimes rather fretful or explosive.

There are many reasons why we feel stress, for example:

The threat – while it is not too serious for us to feel fear;
When we feel tired or overworked – probably the most common reason to feel stress is our job;
Life occasions – this is another stress factor and it can be the part of our life – it can be connected with any health issues; family problems; etc.

No matter why we feel the stress, there are definitely the ways how to eliminate it. The stress influences negatively our health and it is not good for us.

How to work with it?
  1. Firstly, same as with the fear, make the list of all factors which stress you;
  2. Most of the problems have the solutions – even if we do not like it, try to solve it;
  3. If it makes you feel better, talk to your close person who can understand you;
  4. Do not forget to healthy standards – try to sleep well, eat well.
  5. The last but not the least – do what makes you happy! That is the most important anti-stress factor!

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