We are witnessing a global epidemic of obesity. It is increasing at an alarming speed. Between 1980 to 2014 the prevalence of obesity has doubled. People are living sedentary lives. Increasing urbanization has occurred in the last 50 years.

We are living in the Information Age. People are working in offices.They are traveling by cars and bikes. Agriculture based society has changed into a new Information-based society. People are spending more time indoors either in their offices or homes. Physical activity has also reduced. The abundance of the food supply has to lead to over consumption.


If you are overweight it can lead to diabetes or high blood pressure. The incidence of heart attack increases if you are overweight.

In the recent ongoing pandemic of COVID 19, it has been found that diabetes and obesity are risk factors. They increase the possibility of getting severe forms of infections.

If you are overweight these 5 Simple ways will definitely help you in achieving your weight reduction goals. When you lose weight you will feel lighter and healthier.

Here are the 5 Simple & Scientific Ways to Lose Weight

1. Twice a day Meal Plan

In this plan, you have to eat only twice a day. You can select the timing as per your choice. It can be breakfast and early dinner. It can also be lunch and dinner.

The meal session can last up to 40 minutes. But in between these two meals you should not eat. If you are hungry you can have a cup of tea or coffee without milk or sugar. You can have coconut water or lime juice water also. Avoid frequent snacking. Frequent small meals are one of the leading causes of gain of weight. Frequent eating causes an increase in weight. Two meal plan is effective in a great many cases.

Practice mindful eating. Eat slowly and enjoy the taste of food. You should eat at the same time daily. Avoid binge eating.

You can also try intermittent fasting. You may find it difficult to do in the beginning. You can skip one major meal and eat only once a day. You can drink tea, buttermilk, and coconut water during the rest of the day.


2. Increase the amount of Proteins and Fiber in Diet

The diet should contain a good amount of proteins. Pulses, Egg whites, Fish are good sources of proteins. Salads have high fiber content. Eating a lot of salads before major meals are very helpful. Salad should contain cucumber,carrots, and tomatoes. Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and fiber.

3. Decrease the intake of fast food and fats

If you want to reduce weight then you should avoid eating junk food. So many multinational companies have come up selling fast food. They lure customers by advertising. They have huge yearly advertising budgets. Don’t fall prey to such advertising. Avoid eating potato chips, french fries, and packed foods containing unsaturated fat.

4. Decrease intake of Sugar

Consumption of excessive amounts of sugar and carbohydrates leads to rapid weight gain. If you want to lose weight please avoid sugar. Avoid cakes and chocolates. Carbonated drinks are best avoided. Multinational companies are selling bottled sugary drinks world over. This is causing increased consumption of these drinks. You should avoid drinking these drinks to lose weight. Similarly, alcoholic drinks like beers also have a lot of calories and should be avoided.

5. Increase Physical activity

Get up from the chair and start physical exercises. People are spending more time on smartphones. Our addiction to technology is causing us to be glued to laptops, computers, and smartphones. Join some Gym or dance class. You can go for a walk. Walking for 40 minutes a day helps in reducing weight. You can do treadmill or cardio workouts for better outcomes. If you like trekking then it is also of great benefit. Aerobic Exercises are a great way to lose weight. Another benefit is that these exercises can be done at home. Besides, Aerobic Exercises are good for the heart.

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