It is well known that good mental health and health in general is one of the most important aspects of human life. Despite this fact, people still do not talk about mental health openly enough. In the world more than three hundred million people suffer from depression. In England seven from hundred people suffer from mixed anxiety and depression, six from hundred people suffer from generalised anxiety disorder and in the United Kingdom one in four people experiences a mental health problem each year. When unsolved, these problems may enormously affect one’s social and professional life. Only a few years ago the topic of mental health used to be taboo which caused that people knew little or nothing about it. The right treatment for diagnosed people definitely leads to a better life. Home remedies and methods cannot substitute a proper professional care but here are some of them which are worth considering. Bear in mind that although there might not always be a need to go straight to a psychologist or psychiatrist, it is hugely important to do so when necessary.


How mainstream right? You might not think there is a correlation between exercise and increased number of people suffering from depression, but it is a fact that nowadays people tend not to move more than ever before. We stare at our laptops for tens of hours weekly, have jobs which require us sitting in the office. The urge for a little bit of movement every week has never been bigger. It is proved that exercising increases the level of endorphin in our brain. Endorphins are also called as hormones of happiness and help reducing stress, anxiety and also act as morphine. This means they have analgesic effects. However, it is true that depression is a disease and even sportsmen suffer from it.  In this case you cannot just go for a run and get rid of it and should definitely seek a doctor.



Another, these days very underestimated factor is sleep. Getting enough sleep is important for our body, brain and last but not least mind and mental health. Scientists say an average adult should sleep from seven to nine hours a day. In reality, an average adult only gets around four to six hours of sleep per day. Our brain needs to switch off in order to process our memories. Short-term memories are transferred to our long-term memory when we sleep. If we do not get enough sleep, we cannot expect our overloaded brain to function normally. Moreover, our physical condition may be affected as well. The risk of heart attack and cancer dramatically increases when having a lack of sleep for a longer period of time.


Cold bath

Yes, that is right! A cold bath in the morning can truly change your life. “I am sure there are things that cannot be cured by a good bath, but I cannot think of one,” wrote the poet and novelist Sylvia Plath. From winter swimmers and people taking part in properly organized medical trials, we realize an interesting fact -our bodies react to cold water and love it! People with the habit of swimming in cold water and taking cold showers coincidentally reported less stress, improved mood, more energy and pain relief from rheumatism. Apart from fighting stress or depression, cold water swimmers often report benefits such as never getting colds or not turning up the heating in the winter. Some of them also say they find comfort and even joy in the cold water.


As well as finding a way to your soul meditation could help you find a way out of anxiety or depression. Buddhist priests and sanctuaries -things that might come to one’s mind when someone says meditation. This old practice is worth trying when fighting stress and anxiety. It brings calmness to your truly or seemingly rushed life. In a human mind seventy thousand thoughts are produced during a single day. Imagine all of those are anxious thoughts which one leads to another and creates an endless chain of mental pain. Meditation serves as a scissors and cuts that chain. It quiets the mind and helps you focus on the present moment rather than tomorrow’s problems. Imagine combining this with a controlled movement and breathing and we are getting to another point on our list.



As mentioned, this is a kind of meditation, where you become aware of your body and listen to it. According to one of the largest studies to investigate the links between exercise and mental health disorders, over 50% of sufferers with depression saw their symptoms improve with weekly yoga classes. Moreover, it is an excellent workout and stretch exercise which your self-esteem will only benefit from.


Eating healthier

First of all, eating regularly is important for our body in order to keep our balance. People these days seem to not to have time to eat properly. They often starve and then overeat which leads to a number of mental issues connected to overweightness or anorexia. Finding your routine thinking of regular times for a meal is key. It will stock your body with energy and keep both your body and mind strong. Think of what you eat. Include more fish and omega-3 fatty acids into your diet which are proved to be a brilliant mood boosters. Even though we should mainly stick to a healthy diet containing lots of fruit and veg, from time to time a little treat can benefit more than harm us. One chocolate bar or a pack of your favourite snack can feel extraordinarily good after days of following your healthy diet rules.


Surrounding yourself with good people

Everyone has toxic people in their lives. One can not choose to have a pleasant boss or to only meet nice people behind the cash desk. Being surrounded by people who value and appreciate you is one of the best balms for your soul. There are situations where you can not choose what people are around you but why stick voluntarily to those who disrespect you or can only see the bad sides of you and I am sure everyone has those. There is no need to prove anything to anyone and if you want to feel good about yourself, having people who believe in you helps tremendously.


Set realistic goals

Do not be strict to yourself by setting unrealistic goals. You should know what you are capable of and set your goals baring in mind your limits. Of course, if you want to succeed you should work hard but being unnecessarily over expecting will only bring restlessness into your life. Try to discuss things and see perspectives of other people similar to you. If you are really mentally struggling to get those fifty push ups every morning try to do twenty five first. See what you are capable of little by little rather then rushing and expecting too much.


Tell someone

From all the things mentioned in our list, the one which is probably the easiest and provides kind of an immediate relief is talking to someone about your struggles and troubles. It is natural for human beings to have feelings. As social beings we are programmed to interact with other people. If you are failing to find someone close enough for you to share your thoughts with, there are many social workers available on phone or online you can talk to. Although it is very important to talk to your family and friends, there are people out there who are trained for this purpose. Usually it is free so why not to give it a go. Getting things of your chest can really feel like a heavy weight was taken away from you, can’t it?


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