With the pandemic we have noticed, for two years, that remote jobs are very rewarding and we save on travel (by living and working at home) and also by moving across the border to other countries, many times cheaper than where we live right now.


Some have created a career in recent years with salaries and bills with mind-boggling monthly numbers.


Some jobs require technical and practical skills, which thanks to today’s technological means, can be learned easily online and anywhere, thus enriching your cultural baggage for life.


Let’s see together what these well-paid jobs are …

1- Web designer

He helps clients create websites to suit specific requirements also encompass updating existing websites.

Web designing

2- Web developer

The best jobs typically require professionals with experience in either front-end or back-end web development or both.

man sitting and programming

3- Proofreading and Editing

If you have skills in you for spotting errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling. Also would be the best if you love reading.

4- Logo Designing

For designing a logo you do not require a huge skill set. But if you have skills for making unique and creative logos then this can be an opportunity for you.

5- Digital Marketing

In today’s time, digital marketing means advertising delivered via digital channels such as email, web applications, social media, mobile applications, etc.

6- Online Teacher

Remote teachers can teach students of any age group. They teach a range of subjects depending on their knowledge.

7- Product Designer

A product designer helps in improving the user experience of a product. They plan an important role during key stages of product development.

8- Senior Business Analyst

Good communication skills are essential to the role.

Business analyst

9- Cyber Security Analyst

The role demands to protect and manage cyber threats of a company. You need to devise and innovate designs, technologies, and logic to prevent cyber attacks.

10- Photographer

Is a popular field that requires high levels of creativity and technical expertise to produce high-quality images for companies and individuals. As a freelance photographer, you can earn a living capturing images and sell online as extra side-hustle.



These jobs require little skills and less training but in the long-term, a high-paid remote works career can be built and with constance:

  • Video editing
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic designer
  • Website tester
  • Writer
  • Online tutor
  • Travel Agent
  • Language teacher

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