Here is the cheapest countries to live as digital nomad (data on less than 2K US$ per month)

Digital Nomads.

They are people who are location-independent and use technology to perform their job, living a nomadic lifestyle around the world. They usually move based on their ability to stay in a certain territory based on the Visa-Free applicable to the passport of the country of origin. Sometimes they stay on one territory for up to 90 days and then move to another state. Sometimes the reasons can be climatic (like snowbirds – who move – according to the seasons. If it’s cold in Europe they go to the Caribbean) or economic reasons, such as the cost of living (like a person who moves from Paris to Bali in Indonesia – Where renting an apartment in the city center costs about 171% less than Paris).

In most cases the motivation is the second … One thing is to live with $ 2000 in France and another is to live in Bali in Asia … Let’s see together a few destinations around the world where you can live with less than 2K US $ per month with 2022 Global Peace Index per each country on 163 countries:

1- Canggu, Bali

1,230 $/Month

Peace Index: 47


2- Bangkok, Thailand

1,280 $/Month

Peace Index: 103


3- Madeira, Portugal

815 $/Month

Peace Index: 6

4- Mexico City, Mexico

1,050 $/Month

Peace Index: 137


5- Chiang Mai, Thailand

625 $/Month

Peace Index: 103

6- Gran Canaria, Spain

700 $/Month

Peace Index: 29

7- Timisoara, Romania


Peace Index: 31


8- Tbilisi, Georgia

550 $/Month

Peace Index: 95

9- Fuerteventura, Spain

570 $/Month

Peace Index: 29


10- Bengaluru, India

850 $/ Month

Peace Index: 135


11- Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand

910 $/ Month

Peace Index: 103

12- Varna, Bulgaria

500 $/Month

Peace Index: 24

13- Penang, Malaysia

450 $/Month

Peace Index: 18


14- Nairobi, Kenya

900 $/Month

Peace Index: 120

15- Cancun, Mexico

650 $/Month

Peace Index: 137

Digital nomads work remotely, telecommuting rather than being physically present at a company’s headquarters, office or Internet Cafes (the most used option).

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